About Me

Hello my name is Roisin B. I am 11 years old and I am in middle school. I live with My little sister Grace (8 Years old) and my parents. I love animals, Soccer, tumbling, swimming, and YouTube. Now,lets move on to some more facts about me.

My favorite color is Blue. I also love green. I love dogs, cats, hamsters, and horses but according to my parents you can’t keep a horse in your backyard in my neighborhood. I have a dog  (Ozzie – Australian Shepard). I have a cat, Charlie. (Do cats even have breeds?) And I did have a hamster named Oreo, and a dog named Snoopy (white terrier dog) but they passed  away sadly. Here is some pictures of them:(actually them)

My favorite fruit is pineapple. My favorite candy is sour punch straws. I love baking and I love Snicker doodles. I like to sit on My bed and watch Netflix in my free time. I like to make I movies too.

The sports I like to play are soccer, swim, gymnastics, cheer leading, and dance. My favorite sport is soccer. I have been playing since 2011, when I was only five. SIX YEARS!

My mom is a nurse. She works at St.E’s surgery center. My dad is an engineer. He works at Southern Graphic Systems (SGS).

This is about me. I hope you liked it and I will tell more about myself in my future blogs.









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